Nature Collection


The beginning of my journey started in the mountains of Western North Carolina, photographing the wildlife and landscapes around my home. My curious soul still aims to explore these mountains, and to find what lurks around in their forests. 


Great Smoky Mountains

The clouds that give the Smokies their name.


A Vivid Sunset

All the colors of the sunset over the Great Smoky Mountains



The tower at Mt. Pisgah in the Asheville/Hendersonville area of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Golden Waters

A tricolored heron wades in the water of a southern Florida river


Fall Foliage

Orange, green, red, and yellow trees of the Smokies as far as the eye can see


The Great Fall

La Chute de Montmorency in Quebec, Canada.


A black-capped chickadee takes a mighty stance in a redbud tree

End of the Ocean

The sun over the ocean slowly drifts under the horizon

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